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 Respect for Culture. Love for Tradition.

Diversity in Arts and Nations for Cultural Education, Inc.

Exceeding Expectations

Diversity in Arts and Nations for Cultural Education, Inc. ("DANCE") is a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization founded in 2001 by Ms. Gilda Rivera-Pantojas in the Bronx. The mission of DANCE is to preserve, share, and present Puerto Rican and Latin American folkloric expressions while inspiring, entertaining, and educating the public. The organization has three central components: (1) Danza Fiesta – a touring ensemble group; (2) the Arts in Education – a community-based art program; and (3) culture educational programming, through the South Bronx Folk Festival – an annual event showcasing the cultural traditions from Puerto Rico and Latin America.


Art In Education

Dance For Everybody

The DANCE programs activities provides access to the arts to youth, adults, and seniors living in low-income communities with a diverse immigrant population. Most school aged participants attend schools that have no access to performing arts programs, and live in neighborhoods where folk traditional arts are underrepresented. DANCE partners with public schools, community organizations, and higher education institutions in the South Bronx to facilitate our outreach to target populations and allow linkage between folk/traditional artists and the surrounding community.  The Art in Education program also encompass the Children's and Teens' Dance Program, which currently serves the student population in P.S. 114 in the South Bronx.  

Puerto Rican Day Parade 2015 New York  - Showtime (1684).JPG

Annual South Bronx Folk Festival

Committed to Quality

The Annual South Bronx Folk Festival features folkloric music and dances from folk artists and dance companies based in New York City. The primary goal of the festival is to highlight the cultural diversity found within New York City, and showcasing the shared folklore and tradition in performance.  In 2022, the Annual South Bronx Folk Festival will be hosting its 22nd Festival. 

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